These are the cornerstones of PRConnect. We are a digital marketing platform offering a full suite of products and services — from strategic consulting and content development to press release distribution and identity resolution-based social media amplification. We work behind the scenes and collaborate with you to drive high-value customer acquisition for your clients. We aim to support and expand your in-house capabilities.

Discover why marketers, wire services, interactive agencies and branded media publications throughout the United States are partnering with PRConnect.

Start Off Right.

Every content marketing initiative needs a plan. We sit down with you to learn about your content goals and to recommend ways to leverage our platform to grow your business and to generate results for your customers. We map the entire path from the creation of compelling content, its optimization for web and mobile placement, the strategic placement of content on branded media sites and social media, and its interaction with readers in order to turn them into customers. We can partner with you at any stage of the process or throughout the entire process.


Once you create the content, you need to optimize it for distribution. As an early adopter of RSS, PRConnect has developed and refined the process of distributing content. We promote RSS standards and tags that prepare content so that it surfaces in the right context.

We can also analyze your content and develop a strategy to make it more compelling. We can rewrite press releases to include more actionable and keyword-rich content. We can improve the tone of the press releases while following Associated Press Stylebook guidelines. In addition, we can certify those press releases that meet the PR industry's highest standards.


The content marketing industry is growing dramatically. Businesses of all sizes are turning to content marketers in order to drive customer acquisition and retention.

That's where PRConnect Distribution comes into the picture. We've developed a unique content syndication that effectively positions news stories, press releases and rich media on online media outlets throughout North America and Europe. Our reach includes regional mid-tier media networks and branded media sites.

To ensure the integrity of the distribution process, we adhere to procedures for the expedient and consistent removal of content across our network of publishers. We also maintain detailed documentation of the process in order to protect copyright and to uphold the distribution rights of content creators.

Amplify Press Releases in Social Media at Scale

To maximize your content marketing efforts, PRConnect has developed a full suite of tools to help your clients leverage social media for customer outreach and acquisition. After the press releases have hit all the media outlets, PRConvert takes over and pushes the message directly to identified readers of the press release. This results in highly targeted traffic going straight to the customer's website. All measurable, all the time.


While helping you reach the widest audience possible, we can also leverage AI and machine learning to zero in on specific segments of users. By implementing PRMatch, we can help you sift through enormous amounts of audience data quickly and automatically while tracking only those user profiles that matter to you.

Identity resolution across websites, devices and even physical visits can help you identify and track readers, select the exact time and place to present marketing messages to qualified readers, and precisely control the budget to capture each customer. Never before has this level of targeting and spending optimization been available on such a scale. And, with each ensuing marketing campaign, the results get better and better.

Frequently Asked Questions

With our basic account, you can syndicate 100 to 500 articles each month. With an enterprise account, there is no upper limit.
If you operate a WordPress site, you have the ability to generate a full-text RSS feed. We'll take that feed and parse your articles into our system. Of course, we can make custom arrangements as well.
Our publisher partners get to decide between implementing no-follow and do-follow tags. Some of them submit site maps in order to avoid the duplicate content penalty. Others have significant organic traffic and are not focused on these tags.
We guarantee that your articles will be placed in a timely manner. We do not guarantee viewership. Anecdotally, your article may get viewed by one visitor or thousands of visitors per day.
Yes, if you are getting a meaningful amount of traffic, you can join on a revenue-sharing basis as a stand-alone website or as a network if you own and operate multiple websites.
PRMatch gathers your anonymous first-party data and segments each visitor by their intent. PRMatch knows if a visitor is a real person, what content they engaged with and immediately puts the right people into marketing automation campaigns that convert into your product, subscription, purchase or download.
Absolutely. PRMatch uses proprietary technology to keep your first-party data anonymous while also scoring each visitor based on their behavior with your content. This allows you to know exactly who, when and why your visitors converted into your product.
Yes! PRMatch is a pixel that is placed on your website. This allows you to control your first-party data while keeping it fully anonymous. PRMatch will identify the people performing your defined conversion events and put them immediately into marketing automation campaigns.

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